Wiki Edit

The MediaWiki Editor for iPad

Version 1.9.1

View, edit, search and comment on MediaWiki with your iPad

Wiki Edit is an iPad application that makes editing any MediaWiki site a pleasure.

It features a fully functional web browser that automatically detects Wiki sites and enhances them with a special menu, and a beautiful full-screen wiki markup editor.

It works with hundreds of thousands of MediaWiki based sites, including those from the Wikimedia Foundation like Wikipedia®, Wikibooks™, and Wikiversity™. It also works with wiki's hosted on Wikia™, like WoWWiki, FFXIClopedia, and others

Praise for Wiki Edit:

Great Wikipedia browser/editor. This deceptively simple browser app is the best environment I've found for editing articles on Wikipedia and other MediaWiki sites. - Ralphoo

One of a kind. Wiki Edit is a useful app for anyone who provides content on a MediaWiki site. It offers a nice full screen editing window to make wiki pages easier to edit than in Safari. - ADobkin

As a daily MediaWiki user, this app is quite literally life-changing for me, and well worth the money. - Jesse

Justification for a company iPad if ever I saw one. - Richard

This application is full of win. If you are going to buy any apps, this one is worth it. - Kofiobibini

Wiki Edit features:

  • Full-screen wiki markup editing
  • Upload pictures from your Camera Roll or Photo Library
  • Enhanced Search - search in page, wiki/site, or the web
  • External Keyboard support, arrow keys, cut/paste, movement shortcuts
  • Wiki Menu for section navigation, Watch Lists, User Page
  • Slide-out MediaWiki Markup Keyboard Accessory with common markup symbols
  • Slide-out MediaWiki Markup Help when editing
  • More than a dozen themes for browsing and editing: Bamboo, Teak, Marble, etc.
    • (swipe your finger across the browser toolbar to change themes.)
  • Supports 100's of thousands of public wikis
  • Supports company wiki's on Corporate Networks or behind VPN
  • Supports private wiki's with self-signed SSL or Apache Digest/Basic Authentication
  • Tested on iPad generations 1-4 as well as iPad Mini running iOS 4.3 or later

New for Version 1.9.1:

  • Added: Support for iOS 7

New for Version 1.9:

  • Added: Support for iOS 6
  • Added: Support for native file/photo upload

New for Version 1.7:

  • Added: Upload images from your Camera Roll or Photo Library
  • Added: Upload option in Wiki menu
  • Added: Edit Recovery - tapping "cancel" during save will return to the editing screen with your changes intact.
  • Added: Network Recovery - Your edits are saved, even during network failures during Saving or Previewing.
  • Added: iOS 5.x Support.
  • Added: iPad generation 3 support.
  • Bug Fix: Better memory management (now using ARC).
  • Bug Fix: Missing activity spinners on Load/Save/Preview fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Missing "http:" for some Wikipedia Pages in Wiki Menu fixed.
  • Note: Some "Upload Wizards" don't work on the iPad. Try using the "Upload" option from the Wiki Edit menu instead -- this will bypass the wizard and allow you to upload on most MediaWikis.

New for Version 1.6:

  • Added: Support for MediaWiki versions 1.17 and 1.18 Alpha
  • Added: Support for latest Wikimedia Foundation usability initiative skins and extensions
  • Added: Support for MediaWikis configured with “mod_rewrite” and $wgActionPaths
  • Added: Support for several “iFrame” based editor extensions (iFrame rich text controls are not supported by the iPad, Wiki Edit converts these to standard text boxes)
  • Bug Fix: Issues with and resolved
  • Bug Fix: Site addresses were not being updated until after the page had fully loaded
  • Bug Fix: Site titles would not get updated in certain cases

New in Version 1.5

  • New: Slide-out MediaWiki Markup Keyboard Accessory
  • New: Slide-out MediaWiki Markup Help Bar
  • New: Enhancements for multitasking iOS 4.x
  • Bug Fix: Buttons in articles and forms can now invoke markup editor
  • Bug Fix: URL’s in non-roman characters no longer get “%xx” encoded
  • Bug Fix: Remembers history and bookmarks if “task killed”
  • Bug Fix: Removed extra HTTP HEAD request on self-signed SSL sites
  • Bug Fix: All outstanding issues on private MediaWiki sites resolved
  • Bug Fix: All outstanding issues on Public Wikia sites resolved
  • Preparing for Universal App: New Authentication dialogs, new Web Engine
  • Fully tested on iPad 2 hardware, iOS 4.2.x and 4.3.x

New in Version 1.2

  • New: Faster MediaWiki detection and editing
  • New: Support for Self-Signed SSL Certificates, Digest Auth, Basic Auth
  • New: 12 Browser and Editor Themes: Bamboo, Teak, Marble, etc.
    • (Just swipe your finger across the toolbar to change themes!)
  • New: Uses Apple's Keychain to secure your login credentials
  • Bug Fix: Faster editing on Wikia, and sites with lots of graphics
  • Bug Fix: Fixes Cyrillic text editing bug.

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