Wiki Edit

The MediaWiki Editor for iPad

Wiki Edit already makes editing Mediawiki based sites a pleasure — but I’m not finished yet.

I’d like your help in deciding what features to add to the next release of Wiki Edit. Here’s a list of possibilities to get you started:

  • iPhone / iPod Touch Support (Universal App)
  • Support for other types of Wikis (non-Mediawiki)
  • Clean Article View (show only article, not wiki header, sidebar, footer)
  • Spell Checking for article text
  • Upload Photos from Flickr or other web sites to a wiki
  • Folders for bookmark organization
  • Store most recent Searches and Web Addresses
  • Support for multiple open websites and wiki’s (“tabs”)
  • Wiki Watch List Notification service to alert you of changed pages
  • iPhone Original, 3G, and 3GS Support (non-retina displays)
  • Table editor w/ wiki column sort support
  • Templated entries with field types
  • Page templates / Wiki Markup Clipping library

Is your idea not on the list?  Post a comment, and let me know.

- Don

163 Responses to Requests

  1. Hi,

    I’m thrilled to hear about your project and hope it will be available in the app store soon. I just got an ipad and I use a media-wiki based lab notebook at work (I’m a scientist.)

    the coolest feature I can imagine would be to integrate a sketch pad — ie to make an image that can then be uploaded and linked to the wiki in the right position on the page.

    Thinking in the nearest future, integration of adding photos from the ipad photo gallery and/or Flikr would be awesome (or whatever I can easily integrate with my android camera).

    Anyhow, it’s great to hear about this app, and assuming it works for me when it comes out (I’ll try to let you know) I’d be happy to help with feedback, etc. I was once a software developer (I helped write Nautilus for linux) so I could probably look at something but I have definitely not ventured into ipad development.


    That’s a bit of a hassle, but perhaps a library that links

  2. Thank you for the suggestion, Rebecca.

    I’ll let you know as soon as Apple approves Wiki Edit.

    I really want it to be useful for as many MediaWiki installations as possible. Please let me know if you have any trouble at all accessing yours.

    The Sketchpad idea is pretty cool. There are a lot of sketching programs that save to the iPad photo gallery. I could start by making it easy to use sketches from one of those apps.

    If you have any feedback once you start using Wiki Edit, please let me know.

    - Don

    PS – I’m a long time Ubuntu/Gnome fan, and Nautilus is my all time favorite file manager. No lie.

  3. Problem with ssl un trust sertificat servers.
    Please add accept form.

  4. Alex, thank you for the feedback.

    I will add SSL untrusted, and SSL self-signed certificate support in the next update.

    I am working on 1.2 currently, and hope to have it submitted to Apple later this week.

    Best regards,

    - Don

  5. Very nifty app. Just left a 5 star review. I think this will push me to set up my own mediawiki for my personal projects and notes. Works very nicely on Wikipedia, of course.

    Now…just need it on my iPhone :)

  6. Thank you for the review! I have tried a few different “cloud” knowledge base systems, but I keep coming back to MediaWiki. You should definitely set one up for yourself.

    Okay, one more vote for iPhone support. My intent would be to make Wiki Edit a Universal App — I don’t believe in charging people twice for the same app. The Retina Display on the new iPhone, and iPod Touch make it a bit easier to edit text.

    If you think of anything else you’d like to see, please let me know.

    Best regards,

    - Don

  7. Peace don. Thanks so much for making this programs. Its one of the only apps i bought on this hing, and i had it since launch. You got a fan in me. As a suggestion I have a few ideas.
    1. Allow automatic login, like maybe a drop menu or something to be able to access your specific wiki.
    2. Wikicode tool bar. I say that because i don’t want to have to type brackets around words each time i want to make a link, or ”’ around words i want to bold.
    3. Tabs, as you said
    4. Offline support is a must for me. If it was available, i could work on my site while on the train in the morning, mad productivity!
    5. Folders in which to download the pages.

    So far i love it a lot. I’ve been ignoring my biology professor messing with this new app, and building articles in my wiki. Keep up the good work, my man.

  8. Kofi, Thank you for the kind words and suggestions. Your Wiki looks beautiful. Would it be okay to use it in one of the App Store screenshots of Wiki Edit?

    I’m looking at several of the features you’ve mentioned for the next couple of updates. Offline support in particular has been asked about often. There is a bit of a problem with “Preview” when you’re off-line, but I’ll see what can be done. I’ve been looking at Tabs and the Toolbar as well. Wiki Edit should already remember you log in for all your wiki’s if you check “Remember my login on this computer” on the wiki log in page. (Wiki Edit supports MediaWiki log in cookies.)

    All the best,
    - Don

  9. Yea do ya thing homey! Id be honored to have my wiki in the screenshots.
    Keep up the good work fam. Apple is gonna love u for this app, as will as all the mediaeiki users out there.

    And yea i realized that it does remember me. Ill keep checking back and giving more suggestions as they come to me through my use of this app.

  10. Hi Don,

    i also would like to vote for features:

    1. wiki toolbar as in vnc or office apps

    2. TextExpander implementation – could also serve as workaround for 1.
    they have a nice tiny sdk – which is implemented by severel apps
    - this partnership will boost your revenue, because there quite a view heavy users out there

    4. tabs

    5. filebrowser with open file with app xyz dialog

    6. offline version with backmerge

    7. iphone app

    8. vim-like editing or support for open a edit page with another app


    never ever implement that drawing stuff. as you like unix, you know that an app has to have one porpuse which it should serve.

    an drawing feature is a heavy implementation that other app devs take care of so use the built-in picture-library or create an api that other apps could use, like open with wiki edit.

    just my 2 cents,

  11. last but not least:

    wiki bookmark library. let the user choose to contribute and upload some of his bookmarked wikis.

    therefor u need tags inside the bookmarks feature for better navigation.

    keep it simple and make the tag list available through library icon besides the url-field inside the top menu bar.

    thank for all your work. keep it up and take other devs in your team.

  12. Ben,

    Thank you for the comments and suggestions. I’m working on a very useful toolbar for the editor. I’ll take a look at TextExpander as well. Tabs and File browser are on my list for things to look at in the future.

    I’ve had quite a few requests now for an iPhone version. I’m exploring turning Wiki Edit into a Universal App. That will require a whole new browse, edit, bookmark, and wiki menu just for the iPhone – so it’s quite a bit of work.

    I’ve been looking at ways to do off-line editing. The biggest issue to overcome is handling editing collisions and merging. I currently allow you to save and restore one “draft” (if you switch apps while editing). I may expand this in the future.

    Thank you for buying Wiki Edit. If you have other suggestions after using it for a while, please let me know.

    Best regards,

    - Don

  13. Don,

    first off – thanks for the implementation of Digest-Auth… Works a treat!

    Not sure whether and how easy it is to achieve – can you add an optional page index (similar to the one WikiPad does in landscape mode — if you’re not familiar with WikiPad, there is a screenshot showing what I mean in the appstore).

    Obviously, this might suffer badly on huge wiki’s like Wikipedia itself; this is probably more of a thing for small / mid sized wikis…


  14. Hello Benedikt,

    You’re welcome. Digest Auth turned out to be troublesome, as the UIWebView object in the iPhone SDK doesn’t support authentication.

    The page index looks interesting. I know it’s not the same, but I could add a quick “All Pages” or “All Categories” button in the Wiki Menu.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about Wiki Navigation – the issue is scaling navigation on medium and large MediaWiki’s. I’ll put some screenshots up of my designs as I get closer to something that works. I’d like feedback on them.

    Best regards,

    - Don

  15. Does or will wikiedit support foswiki?

  16. Hi James,

    Wiki Edit supports MediaWiki and Wikia Wiki’s only at this point. I have some rough code for TikiWiki and DokuWiki. I have also looked into TWiki and FosWiki support – they seem doable, but I have not written code yet.

    In the short term, my priorities are improving general web browsing support, and making the best possible editing for MediaWiki. Once I roll out the Markup Keyboard, Uploading, and Universal (iPad/iPhone/iPod) support, I’ll circle back and add support for new wikis based on demand.

    Feel free to follow me “@wikiedit” on Twitter. I post updates on updates in progress and what I’m currently working on.

    - Don

  17. Tank you for this great app… Could be fine if it was possible to memorize logins passwords with a master pass to access to wiki edit

  18. Thank you for the suggestion, Luc.

    I have been looking at ways of organizing login information, especially for people who use many wikis. In a future version, I’ll be adding a settings screen that shows the settings for all of your wikis. Perhaps I can add an option for a master password there.

    Best regards,

    - Don

  19. Please add a search and replace function.

    Also include the syntax for comments in the online help

  20. Thanks for the suggestion Alex. I’ve been looking at ways to improve the editor screen. Search and Replace is a good idea. I’ll be updating the help in the near future. This is just the first version.

    Best regards,

    - Don

  21. I would love to see support for ProofreadPage extension. Sample link

    Anyways great work, you made editing possible on my iPad.

  22. That’s a very clever extension. It certainly looks possible to support. The iPad’s “pinch to zoom” capabilities would make viewing the scanned source easy to read, especially for older or damaged texts. I have a couple of widely requested features (uploading, and Universal support) to finish but I’ve put this extension on my list of possible editor enhancements. Thank you for the feedback.

    - Don

  23. 1. I have to put my primary vote behind the request for the ability to upload photos from within the application to be added. Then I won’t have to keep switching over to the iCab web browser app to upload photos.

    2. On the subject of image handling, it would be nice if it were possible to save photos to the photo app gallery by touching and holding on images (like in Safari).

    3. Tabs would be nice.

    Thank you for your great work, keep it up! :)

  24. Hi Kelly. Thanks for the input. Uploads are in the next version. I have a few other small things for the release then I’ll send it off to Apple.

    I’ll take a look at adding “long-press” on images to give you an option to save them. That will work nicely with the uploading feature.

    I’ve had a couple requests for tabs. That’s a bit more difficult, I’m looking in to it, and other ways to make interacting and editing across multiple pages easier.


    - Don

  25. Beautiful app, seriously. You’ve won a spot on my home page. All my votes are for the ability to upload images from my iPad. Add that and you’ve got the killer app.

  26. Thanks Clif. You’ll be happy to hear that Uploads are coming in the next update.

    I’m working on some usability improvements some of my testers suggested. Once those are done, I’ll be submitting the update to Apple. Glad you’re enjoying the App.

    - Don

  27. Just implemented client side authentication certificates. Installed the p12 certfile on my iPad with no problems and browsing to my wiki works fine in Safari.

    I assumed that Wiki Edit would work fine, but when i bring up my site I get an error about the client certificate not being installed.

    So my feature request would be integrating with the iPad’s client certificate store.

  28. Hi Adam,

    Yeah, Mobile Safari doesn’t share any of it’s keys or certificates with Apps. (it won’t even share cookies…)

    I haven’t looked over the APIs to install client certificates, so I’m not sure how difficult it is. The new version of iOS changed a bunch of the networking APIs, so when I’m recoding SSL and Auth support I may be able to work in client certificates then. Sorry you ran into an issue.

    - Don

  29. File uploads!

  30. They’re almost ready, Rob. I have a few more small changes and additions folks have requested. Once those are finished and tested I’ll be releasing an update to Apple. I’ll post screenshots here once the update is finalized.

    - Don

  31. Hi there. Love this app, makes wiki editing realistic on my iPad, but I would really like to see support for the native spell check if at all possible.

  32. Hi again,

    I down loaded the app and can’t edit in pbworks. Any chance you can help me with this. Am I missing something? I really want to be able to edit (really just add text during meetings and class time.)


  33. Hi Andrea,

    As I mentioned, PBWorks uses it’s own proprietary type of Wiki called “peanut butter wiki” and not the widely used MediaWiki platform.

    I did some investigation, and there doesn’t appear to be any iPad support for PBWorks at this time. As the iPad is widely used in education, I would suggest you contact PBWorks and ask them to support iPad.

    PBWorks is a private company based in San Mateo. It’s a Venture Capital funded company with a lot of money and resources. I think it would be in their interests to support the iPad.

    Although PBWorks isn’t supported — there are over 100,000 different Wiki’s you can edit with Wiki Edit. Look for web sites with the “Powered by MediaWiki” logo at the bottom. It is the most common Wiki platform in use today. MediaWiki is an open source system that allows anyone to contribute. It’s run by a foundation of volunteers.

    I wish you the best with your project Andrea. I hope you find Wiki Edit useful for working with Wikipedia and other Wiki’s. Sorry I couldn’t be more help with PBWorks.


    - Don

  34. Hiya,

    Five star review coming up. One of the best apps on my iPad. Thank you.

    I only need one thing, image upload from the image library please!

    Uber thank you again!

  35. Kelly,

    I’m happy you found the App useful, and thank you for the kind review.

    Uploading from the image library is the main feature for the next version of Wiki Edit.


    - Don

  36. Nice app. Can you add the tilde ~ character so one can sign a talk page? Or is there another way of doing this?

  37. Thank you Mike.

    I’m looking at ways to make the markup bar more flexible, like allowing customization. Right now though, you have to use the standard keyboard “~”. I know it’s a pain.

    Thanks for the input. The markup bar is still really new, and I plan to keep making it better.


    - Don

  38. Also, is there an easy way to paste in ref links for sources?

  39. Wow your fast! I have a maybe easy suggestion. Add a 2nd or 3rd markup bar with more symbols. Eg a ref button that when pressed would paste .

    Then one could mouse into the area and paste from clipboard


    Add a button that would take ANY highlighted text and convert that into opening closing tags. This way one could just type


    And then highlight it and press the button.

  40. Those are good suggestions Mike. I’m working on the media uploading, and iOS 5.x support right now, but I intend to circle back to making the editing experience better after that. I’ll definitely be extending the markup bar capabilities in the future. Understanding what’s missing in people’s day-to-day usage is very helpful.

    Thanks again for the feedback.


    - Don

  41. Hey Don,

    Thanks for a good app. I’m working on a project to build up company intranet solution based on mediawiki. It should include all documents and project management components.
    Your software gives me real good possibility to work anywhere i get a new idea or time. The editing was real pain with the iPad.
    Though few additions would make this app nearly perfect:
    * search and replce
    * file upload
    * offline read and edit with later sync possibilities

    If you would be interested to see my work, feel free to contact throuh e-mail.

    Thank you and keep up the good work !

  42. Correction: editing was real pain before, now with your soft it’s pure pleasure :)

  43. Hi Gen,

    Thank you for the suggestions. The next version of Wiki Edit has the beginnings of an upload feature. You will be able to upload images from screen captures, the camera, and your photo albums. I’m looking into other document types as well, perhaps using iCloud.

    I’ve had a few requests for off line editing. It’s a little tricky to do it right, with conflict resolution, etc. Are you imagining that a person would use this feature when traveling to grab a few pages to edit on an airplane or train? Or are you thinking of being able to download all pages (or all pages in a category) of a wiki to access offline?

    Search and replace is on my “short list” of features I hope to add in the near future. My focus for the App is primarily on the editing experience.

    Your work to create a company intranet solution based on MediaWiki sounds very interesting. I’d be interested in taking a look.

    Thanks again for the feedback and best wishes on your project.


    - Don

  44. Your app is a grand improvement over trying to edit in Safari! Thank you for all your work!

    I have two requests for features the lack of which I keep stumbling over:

    1. History
    2. Multiple windows/tabs

    I hope this mention will help move these features to the top of your implementation list. ;-)


  45. Hi Cindy,

    I’ve been considering adding History under the “bookmark” list. I have to finish some work for iOS 5, then I’ll re-visit that feature.

    Multiple windows or tabs are a bit tricker, although several people have asked for this feature. I normally find myself flipping between Safari (with multiple resources sites open) and Wiki Edit (with the page I’m editing open.) I know it’s not as nice as being able to have multiple sites/edits going in Wiki Edit itself. I’ve been looking at having multiple editing sessions going as part of implementing “off-line” edits. I may look into multiple tabs at that point. It’s a pretty big change.

    Thank you for your comments and feedback. I appreciate it!


    - Don

  46. Don,

    This is amazing. Can’t wait for image uploading. Trying to get all of our contributors spooled up on mobile devices, and this is really letting us get productive.

    Table generation would be a nice bonus btw, but added markup bar would be genius. Thanks!

  47. Thank you for the kind words, Shlok. I’ll definitely be looking at adding table symbols to the markup bar and other ways to make table creation and editing easier. I appreciate the feedback.


    - Don

  48. Hi!

    Definitively image uploading is essential. It was the reason for me to buy the app, but is not present… Is there any alternative way of doing this if you don’t know the FTP server of the wiki?


  49. Jose, image uploading is coming soon.

    There is another App you can use that does a good job uploading images and files to most MediaWikis and other websites. It’s called iCab Mobile. It’s a browser alternative to iPad’s built in Safari. It’s a very nice browser, and I highly recommend it.


    - Don

  50. Don,

    I really appreciate your help. I’ll be looking forward for your new update.


  51. Hey Don,

    I can’t tell you how much I would love this app on the iPhone. I saw it on your list of things to do. I am wondering is it going to be included anytime soon? Can you notify me when it is?


  52. Hi Ben,

    I have a universal version of the App running, but editing is not as nice as I would like it to be. I need to re-work the user interface so that you have more screen space for typing. (Right now, you can only see 2-3 lines of text…)

    Once iOS 5, and the new iPhones are out, I’ll take stock of the situation, and see how quickly I can bring out a universal (iPhone/iPad/iPod) version of the app.


    - Don

  53. Don can I use this to edit a wiki on a snow leopard server. Strangely you can not use an ipadto edit a wiki page hosted by snow leopard.

  54. Hi Don

    Many thanks for Wiki Edit. It’s the only – and best ;-) – Wiki Editor on the iPad!

    One integration is high on my wish list though: Integration with TextExpander! I use text snippets from there quite a lot – and at the moment this means always a “round trip”: Switching from WE to TextExpander, copying the snippet, switching back to WE, then pasting the snippet.

    How better would it be, if I could in WE just type in the abbreviation TextExpander provides for a snippet. (iThoughtsHD does exactly this – and it is great!)

    Is this hard to incorporate? The guys from TexExpander claim it’s easy. Let me know what you think.

    Many thanks, Leo

  55. Hi Tom,

    Apple’s Mac OS X Server uses a proprietary Wiki system, not MediaWiki. So unfortunately Wiki Edit won’t help with that.

    I do know a lot of people that install MediaWiki on Mac OS X using Mac Ports. It’s pretty different than the Apple Wiki though. You’d lose some of the deep integration with user accounts and ease of use features of Apple’s Wiki.

    I expect that Apple (or a third party) will fix this eventually.


    - Don

  56. Hi Leo,

    After the I release the upcoming update, I’ll take a look at TE and see if it can be added to Wiki Edit.

    Thanks for the suggestion.


    - Don

  57. Definitely iPhone support. This app is precisely what I’ve been looking for — if only it supported iPhone! As it stands, I don’t even own an iPad.

  58. I really like this app, but I am happy to see the potential for non-MediaWiki sites. I’m currently prototyping Wikis for collaboration and MediaWiki doesn’t provide the necessary access control. Ergo, two questions.

    Will WikiEdit function properly on a MediaWiki site with the HALO ACL plugin?

    Is WikkaWiki in your potentials list?

    Thanks again for a well-built tool.

  59. Hi Ron,

    Thanks for taking a look at Wiki Edit. The HALO ACL extension should work without issue. You may need to turn off HALO’s WYSIWYG extension if it gives you problems in Wiki Edit. Some WYSIWYG editors do cause problems as they try to use Flash, or IFRAME editing that isn’t supported on the iPad. If you run into problems, you can normally turn it off in your profile or click somewhere on the editing form to use the standard MediaWiki article editor.

    I’ve not looked into WikkaWiki. I’ll add it to my list of possible Wiki’s to support in the future. If there’s a sponsor, I can bump up the priority. I’ve also considered licensing the code to companies who want an iPad app for their Wiki projects.


    - Don

  60. Douglas,

    I recently got an iPhone 4s, and on more than one occasion I’ve been out with just my phone and wanted to run Wiki Edit to update something. The real trick for iPhone is making a usable MediaWiki editing experience when so much of the screen is taken up by a keyboard.

    Once I release Wiki Edit 1.7, I’m going to look into making Wiki Edit a Universal App. I’ll keep folks posted.


    - Don

  61. I have been updating our own mediawiki site to make it mobile compatible. You have now provided the tool to do it on a mobile device. How about being able to access the full site to be able to change it so it can be customised on a mobile device. Change the skins in real time whether it be an iPhone or iPad to view correctly on a mobile device, utilising the MobileDetect extension etc..

  62. I Most need the ability upload photos.

  63. Tony, I’ve considered doing an iPad skin, or using the API to display a custom version of the website. On the iPad though, most sites look pretty good. For now I’m leaving this up to others. It’s a good suggestion though, and as I roll out the iPhone version, I’ll consider this again. Best, – Don

  64. Kent, It’s almost there. I’m making some small changes for iOS 5, but I hope to release an update with photo uploading soon. Best, – Don

  65. This app is awesome.
    Two things that I would love to see:
    Uploads, which would be absolutely wonderful.

    The wiki that I use has the Drafts extension installed, so an option to either click the drafts link would be awesome, or a button to save drafts would be even better. The Drafts extension saves automatically every time a preview is generated, so that can take the place of saving a draft, but right now there is no way to retrieve a draft except by going to Safari and restoring it, then returning to WikiEdit.

    Oh, and a universal app so I can use it on my iPhone with an external keyboard :-)

    Other than that, this is exactly what I was looking for. I use it to take notes in class to a private wiki that I am testing. I can use my iPad with an external keyboard to take notes and avoid the distraction of a laptop. Fantastic!

  66. Sorry, but I forgot to add one thing. I know that all of these suggestions seem easy, but are not quite that simple to implement, but I wanted to pass them along anyway.

    MediaWiki has edit conflict resolution built in. It seems like Wiki Edit ignores that, though. If I’m editing a page in Wiki Edit, and someone else edits and saves the page while I have it open, the changes that I make when I save it knock out the other user’s changes and do not bring up the diff that you see in a normal browser.

    Thanks again!

  67. Okay, last one. I realized after looking through the Web site that many of my requests are either frequently requested (please add a +1 to those) or are already in the plan for 1.7 (sorry about the noise!).

    I see that Wiki Edit is supposed to support conflict resolution, so I might have just done something wrong when it messed up that once. I will try it again in a controlled setting with another user to see what happens.

    Last request (for now ;-) ), and I have no idea if this is possible on the iPad. Is there a way to implement a bluetooth keyboard shortcut to save and preview like on a desktop browser like CTRL+OPTION (ALT)+S to save and CTRL+OPT+P to preview? (And CTRL+OPT+G to save a draft!)

    Thanks again, again!

  68. Branson,

    Thanks for all of the suggestions. Uploads are in the works for the next update.

    I’ve been playing around with a universal version. Some parts of the editor are a little tricky from a usability stand point on the small screen, but I’m working to make Wiki Edit work well on the iPhone.

    I’ll check out the Drafts extension. I haven’t used it before but it sounds useful. If its not too complicated, I’ll add support for it after 1.7 is out.

    I use a Bluetooth keyboard from time to time. I’ll see if I can add save and preview shortcuts. That’s a great suggestion.

    On the conflict resolution. I’m afraid Wiki Edit is a bit primitive there. That screen pops up anytime Media Wiki has an issue when saving an edit. On some wikis, the owner has installed CAPTCHAs or other steps to save changes. Is Wiki Edit handles all of those editing issues the same way. It pops up a screen with the full text of the message from Media Wiki, including any CAPTCHA or editing boxes. At some point, I’ll make that a bit more clever. I may also add some settings to force saves or handle certain errors automatically.

    Thanks again for all of the comments and suggestions.

    All the best,

    - Don

  69. I appreciate your reponse!
    I’ve had some issues with conflict resolution, but I think it might be my wiki-side configuration, not the app. I still need to test it in a controlled setting with a friend.

    Is there anything that I have missed with a way to enable spell-checking in the edit window?

    I’m really excited about the future of this app. The private wiki that I was working on personally has turned into a class project, so I think I am actually going to purchase and issue gift codes for Wiki Edit to fellow iPad-owning students who want to participate. It really makes editing on the iPad practical and useful, especially since the battery lasts a lot longer than a laptop!

  70. Spell check is not enabled right now, I’ll see about adding it back in for the upcoming update.

    I’ll also check on the collision detection. Could be a wiki specific problem or an issue with the latest Media Wiki version I didn’t catch.

    I’m glad the App is useful to to. Thanks again for the good suggestions and feedback.

  71. I will buy the app when it supports uploading from the iOS photo library!

  72. Thanks Edward,

    Uploads from the photo library are coming soon. I have one last issue handling JPG images in the library (from people clipping web pages) and rotation. As soon as that is resolved, I’ll be sending Wiki Edit 1.7 out to Apple for the App Store. Sorry for the delay. It’s almost there.


    - Don

  73. If you do re-enable spell checking, please make it optional. In scientific fields, autocorrect can lead to some embarrassing mistakes.

  74. Hi Branson,

    I’m thinking of making a standard Apple Settings screen for Wiki Edit, and putting the option for turning on Spell Check / Auto Correction there. It won’t be in for 1.7 (next release) as I’m focused on fixing the last of the bugs and getting it released.

    Early on, I turned off spell check. I had a lot of MediaWiki markup in articles – and found the spell check annoying. For some people with mostly text, spell check might be more useful. I’ll give people the option to easily turn it on or off.


    - Don

  75. That’s awesome. Thanks!

  76. I would like to add my vote for offline editing with back-sync. You have fielded an excellent app.

  77. Thanks Dan. I’ve been thinking about offline editing a lot. Templates are problematic, and I may start with just keeping the markup offline and not rendering at all until you’re back online.

    First I need to get 1.7 with uploads out, then I plan on making the editor better. I’m strongly considering offline editing as part of that. It will depend a bit on whether I try to squeeze iPhone/iPod Touch support in after 1.7 is out.


    - Don

  78. I am loking for a way to insert TABs which are necessary for example for simpletable tables.


  79. Hi Alex,

    Right now, there are only 2 ways to insert tabs from the editor. I have the [tab] key enabled when using an external keyboard (via the dock connector, usb camera kit, or blue tooth.) The built-in keyboard doesn’t support [tab], so the only way to get tabs is to copy and paste one from another entry.

    For Extension:SimpleTable, you can use the “|” bar character if you want a fast way to create tables using the built in keyboard. Just add “sep=bar” when you start your table. For example:

    <tab sep=bar head=top>
    Head 1|Head 2|Head 3
    Field 4|Field 5|Field 6
    Field 7|Field 8|Field 9

    In a future version of Wiki Edit, I may add a way to customize the special accessory-key toolbar at the top of the onscreen keyboard. I’ve made a note to myself to add [tab] as one of the customizable buttons. Until then, I’m hoping one of the workarounds I mentioned above will help.

    Best regards,

    - Don

  80. +1 on offline editing. Your great application just made me move to Media Wiki on my site! Major woots! Nice!

    I needed something I could edit on my iPad, when mobile, AND edit at my workstation when at the keyboard. This lead me to discover your app.

    However, I’m finding that performance is seriously less on the iPad (save page response time) even when on the same LAN. And I realized that this is only going to slow down my mobile editing when I’m on AT&T 3G.

    Hence the need for an immediate save for the iPad editing session on 3G and online synch later.

    I’m migrating to your app from Trunk Notes (iPad app, which is really cool as just a simple local iPad wiki). Perhaps a synch tool with Trunk Notes would immediately get you the offline edit capability? (just brainstorming… hmmm….)

    Thanks for a really cool app. I hope to use it a lot!

  81. Thanks for the comments and suggestions Matt.

    Off line editing is still probably a little ways off. I am working on a “Fast Save” that will really speed up saving articles on MediaWiki sites that allow saves through the MediaWiki API. Most stock MediaWiki’s are setup with API support turned on, so it should help out a lot of folks. (Some commercial sites turnit off to minimize spam, or put CAPTCHA images in front of saving, so it won’t help with those.)


    - Don

  82. I am a user of Cantonese Wikipedia.

    I would like have insert some symbols and Chinese punctuations in the editor.

    for example:西遊記&action=edit

    See the bottom of the editor.

    Press the symbol can insert 【】with caret between blankets. These symbol is very hard to type in iPad keyboards.

    Can it insert things like the new wikipedia edit toolbar?

    Thanks for your work

  83. Omnibus,

    Thank you for using Wiki Edit. I will be making an update to the Wiki Edit toolbar to allow more options on the toolbar, including custom buttons. I’ll make sure that Chinese characters and punctuation is supported in that change.


    - Don

  84. Please port to android. This is exactly the type of program I have been looking for.

  85. +1 request for file upload. I know you’re working on it – looking forward to it!

  86. I only downloaded this to Upload Photos from iPad Photo Library to a Wikispace- so apparently I can’t do this still?????

  87. Hello Renee,

    Photo uploading is one of the new features in version 1.7. Sorry for the delay in releasing it. There are a lot of improvements in the new version and I’m working hard to make sure everything works perfectly for folks.

    A lot of people have asked for uploading, it’s my highest priority.

    Best regards,

    - Don

  88. Hi, please add upload photo from iPad, it will be so nice ! Many thanks.

  89. My wiki is a very large one containing documentation for an ERP system. Our users would LOVE to be able to have offline access to it on an iPad, especially as they are first learning the system.

    So, the request is to let a user point to a MediaWiki site and “mirror” it on the device, for full offline use. So, it would be like having one of those apps that let you download and use Wikipedia offline, except for any MediaWiki site.

    Best would be to specify any page in the site, and it would recursively download the content for all referenced pages. That way you could selectively download just the pieces you want, and then remove to reclaim space. So kind of like httrack, except on the iPad, and only for MediaWiki sites. Perhaps this is a separate complementary app, call it MediaWiki Mirror or MediaWiki Offline. Lots of software companies who put their doc in MediaWiki would recommend it to their usersI know I would!

  90. Great app, congrats can you add the following feature?
    Upload Photos from iPad Photo Library to a Wiki


  91. Hi John,

    That’s an interesting idea. It’s a bit tricky on MediaWiki’s that use templates, or a lot of extensions, but it may be possible. I’ll consider it for future versions of Wiki Edit or as you mentioned, a stand-alone product.


    - Don

  92. Ken,

    I’m really close to having this feature completed. I’m making updates for iOS 5.1 support right now and still have a few issues to work out. I’ll keep folks posted on the progress.


    - Don

  93. Glad to hear the iPhone version is coming along. I’ll be the first to buy it. Thanks!

  94. Hello,

    I am wondering when/if DokuWiki will be supported by WikiEdit.


  95. Kristopher,

    I’ve looked at DokuWiki, it’s pretty different than MediaWiki, but it has a good API that would work well on iPad. I have a few other features to wrap up on the MediaWiki version of Wiki Edit. Once those are done, I will look at supporting other types of Wiki’s. DokuWiki is high on my list.


    - Don

  96. Offline storage (i.e. a local copy of the wiki which can be sync’d at a later date) and Android & iPhone support. I’d happily pay more than the current price (up to £20) for all three features.

  97. Any chance iOS 5.1 gave apps the ability to access the certificate store? If you remember I’m doing client side auth to Apache.

  98. Drew,

    Thanks for the suggestions. Offline storage is a frequent request. The hard parts are dealing with rendered parts of pages like templates and extensions. Syncing is also pretty tricky. I am looking at some ways of dealing with offline storage and editing, but that won’t happen for a couple more versions.

    The iPhone version is much closer. It will be a “Universal” app. (no having to buy 2 copies of Wiki Edit.)

    I bought a Kindle Fire to experiment with Android – but general Android support is a long way off. I want to get Wiki Edit fully developed on iPad before tackling another platform.


    - Don

  99. Adam,

    Let me dig into that again. The networking APIs have changed a lot in 5.0 and 5.1. I can’t promise anything, but check. I had another client ask me about this last week. If there isn’t support I’ll file an official bug/enhancement request with Apple.


    - Don

  100. I love the new upload ability. I wish that the cheat sheet included the image and video tags. I am always forgetting the format and parameters,

  101. Good suggestion! I’ll add those in with the next update. Best, – Don

  102. Don

    I would really appreciate an offline wiki edit facility — so that I could download a wiki to my iPad, edit it offline, and then sync it when reconnected to the Internet.

  103. Gavin,

    I experimented with off-line editing in this last version, but never got it sufficiently good enough to ship. The major issue I’m facing is with templates and extensions. Both of these really rely on features in the server to display the page properly, so it’s very hard to do off-line.

    This is a very frequently requested feature, so I’m going to keep poking around at it until I figure out a good way to do it.

    Thanks for the request. It gives me even more motivation to make this work.


    - Don

  104. Don,

    Thanks for this fantastic app! I am a geohasher which uses a MediaWiki to document expeditions, and I’m an iPad/iPhone user who had no way to upload photos for my expeditions. Thanks to your work on this, now I can!

    For feature requests, I would join in on the posts asking for either Texpander support or a built-on snippet library.

    Second is a problem I have with the keyboard in the app. My system settings are set to use auto-correction and auto-capitalization (which has helped in this comment) but while editing a page, I don’t get that. Is that a setting I’m missing somewhere?

    I will also second the request for uploads to wikis from Flickr. That would save me a lot of hassle.

    Thanks again!


  105. Thanks Chad,

    I’ve been looking at things like Texpander and/or “function” keys to insert blocks or templates while you’re editing. I’m working on a settings page for Wiki Edit and I’ll be adding additional features into that. I’ll look into the Auto-correction/capitalization as well.

    I’ve thought about specific Flickr and DropBox integration, and I’m still considering it. I may make it easy to tap and upload an image from a URL as a general solution before tackling individual photo services.

    I appreciate the input, it really helps steer the development of this app.


    - Don

  106. Hi,
    I would love a DokuWiki syntax integration!
    Cannot find any other editor for this for iPad… :(
    So please ;)


  107. Daniel,

    I’ve added your vote for DokuWiki support. I have a few items to finish up on the next version of Wiki Edit for MediaWiki. After that, I’ll take another look at what it will take to add DokuWiki support.


    - Don

  108. I think this is the highest priority: iPhone / iPod Touch Support (Universal App), thanks!

  109. Cooooper,

    I hear you. I have a rough version running on iPhone/iPod touch, but it still needs a lot of work. I will be making it a Universal App, so folks won’t need to buy a second copy.


    - Don

  110. Hey Don,

    Haven’t gone through the whole set of suggestions above this, but here are my 2 cents. I’d love a feature, that makes my (private) Wiki look a bit more like the mobile version of Wikipedia. The most important is the ability to expand and collapse the sections. It’ll make reading and working with long articles a lot easier. This kind of goes together with the clean wiki articles, I guess.

    Thank you!


  111. Hi Sandro.

    Since its your private Wiki, you could get that functionality through a few different MediaWiki skins and/or extensions.

    Most of them just automatically detect when you are using a mobile device and switch to a mobile friendly view with collapsed sections, etc.

    I’m working on a version of Wiki Edit for iPhone and will consider building this into the App.


    - Don

  112. Find anything hopeful regarding client side SSL certs in 5 or 5.1?

  113. Hi Adam,

    Unfortunately, there was no “turn-key” solution through iOS 5 for client-side certificates.

    The next version of iOS is expected to be announced at Apple’s WWDC (the big developer conference.)

    If iOS 6 doesn’t have direct support for 3rd party apps to accept certificates, I am prepared to write the needed extra code by hand — everything from the certificate uploading, to the checking, and challenge response handling. I’m not positive if I can make it work perfectly, but I have a second App that I want to use in enterprises where client certificates are pretty common. That’s pushing me over the edge to try and get this feature figured out.

    Sorry for the long wait on this feature. Most Wiki’s use the standard server-side certificates or self-signed certificates, so I kept hoping Apple would solve the client-side for me.


    - Don

  114. When i search for something and it’s a bigger article i cannot jump to the next search result. i only find the first match.

  115. Hi Jack,

    Right now, Wiki Edit highlights all of the matches and jumps you to the first match. I’m working on a new design for various screens for the “Universal” version of Wiki Edit (for iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch.) I’ll add an easier way to navigate the search screen to my list of improvements. Maybe something like a previous and next button to move between matches when searching.

    Thanks for the feedback! I hope the app has been useful to you.


    - Don

  116. I am an avid contributor to a wikia and I find this app to be immensely useful. I love that I can snap a screenshot on my iPad and directly upload it to the wikia site without all the hassle of using iCloud or plugging my iPad into a pc or emailing myself. My previous alternative was using an FTP Client app but that still is an indirect route.

    My 1 complaint would be the inability to use the Edit Avatar feature on Edit Wiki to upload an image for my Avatar. The button remains grayed out and unselectable. If this was added, I would give it 5.1 Stars!

  117. Thanks for the comments (and compliments) Nate.

    I often edit on Wikia also. I’ll see if there is a way to make uploading work for Wikia’s Avatar feature too. That’s not a part of the MediaWiki software, so it might take a bit of “reverse engineering” to see how Wikia handles that.

    I’m glad you find Wiki Edit useful. I’ll keep on improving it.


    - Don

  118. Hi there!

    I cant get the upload picture function to work. The app populates the file name box with “no file selected” over and over. I can’t overwrite it, and it is a main feature of the app :\. Any ideas on how to fix it, or what I’m doing wrong?

  119. Hi Rob,

    Does the “Choose Picture” button appear? If you have a big photo library, it may take a second for the “Photos” pop-up to appear after you tap “Choose Picture”.

    If you’re not seeing the “Choose Picture” button, then it’s possible that the Wiki you are editing has an incompatible upload form. Some Wiki operators change, or install extensions to tweak the upload form to prevent abuse, or to control for copyright. Try bypassing the form by picking “Upload from Photo Library” from the Wiki Menu (the flower icon to the right of the search box in the header.)

    If you’re still having problems, feel free to email me with the Wiki you are editing. I’ll be happy to take a look at it and see if I can find where the issue is.


    - Don

  120. Hi there, will there be an offline mode as well?

  121. Hi Bastian,

    I’ve been drawing up plans for a major update (version 2.x) for a while, and offline editing and iPhone support are two of the biggest features. I don’t have a timeline yet though. I wish I could give you definitive dates, but it’s hard to judge when everything will come together. I have at least another 1 or 2 versions to get out after iOS 6 is released this year.

    I’ll put another vote in the “Offline support” column. It is a very popular request.

    Thanks for writing,

    - Don

  122. I’m evaluating for use by a mobile technical team. Almost perfect except for the item we need most: local storage, editing and sync. We’re in planes for hours on end and wish to use that time for documentation. I could easily see paying twice as much for this if it could allow me to create/edit offline and sync when online. Cloud storage would be icing on the cake.

  123. Hi Sean,

    Offline editing is at the top of the feature list for the next big update. I’m still working out the best ways to handle syncing and editing conflicts. I have a few minor features and updates coming once iOS 6 is released. At the same time I’ve been working on a major update to support both iPad and iPhone. I’ll keep folks updated as the update roadmap firms up.


    - Don

  124. Hey Don,

    really cool app. Could you consider saving login data for htaccess protected internal wikis?


  125. Alex,

    I will most likely be adding that in the next version or so, either as a setting or on the login box itself. Thanks for the feedback.

    - Don

  126. Just purchased, and it’s much better than editing in the HTML editor! The fly-out help is worth the cost alone! My requests:

    * iOS’ normal text support (e.g., auto capitalization, spell checking) but it would be excellent if that could be toggled on or off — it’s definitely useful to not have it.

    * support for macros: I frequently use HTML tags, like <tt></tt> and it’s a pain to type. A simple dialog for the tag would be handy.

    WikiEdit got a bit confused as to its state when I was previewing my changes; it could be that the Wiki I was editing ( is a bit old.


  127. Oops, just noticed the autocorrection support in editor settings. That was fast turnaround :)

  128. Thanks for the input Brian. Glad you found the settings menu.

    I’ll add the Eclipse wiki to my list of Wiki’s to check on for the next update. A lot of times I can make a few small exception rules for a particular Wiki version, extension, or skin to correct any odd behaviors.

    I’ve been looking at different ways to do shortcuts/macros from text expanders to customizable keys. Everyone has different needs here, so I’ll work to make it easy to customize.

    - Don

  129. Support RTF and HTML paste.

    I’d love to directly take a pic from wikiedit then upload/resize/include i on-he-fly.

  130. I see an earlier post suggested adding Drafts (Now Clientside Drafts if you have HTML5 support). Have you looked into embedding it or offering a similar feature. Whats nice about drafts is if you lose connection, power, or whatever, you can still revive your edits as it is automatically saved locally for you every 30 seconds.

  131. I’ve been working on a much richer version of the editor with the ability to have multiple pages being edited as well as some support for off-line work. It’s still pretty early in development though. I’ll take a look into clientside drafts as well.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    - Don

  132. Hi,
    Congratulations for your app. It’s very streamlined and does exactly what you’d expect, and this very good. I really like it.

    Feature priorities from my side:
    * tabs (by far the most important)
    * reduced layout similar to wikipanion app (toc, sidebar, etc. not shown but accessible via asterix menu button)
    * local backup copy of not saved pages
    * folders for bookmarks

    BR, Dieter

  133. Thank you for the feedback, Dieter. I do have a major update I’ve been working on that maintains multiple “panes” / “tabs”. It still has a lot of work before it will be ready to ship. A lot of people have asked for features similar to what you have suggested. It’s definitely the direction I’m taking the App.


    - Don

  134. I would like to see a personal notebook… Or a way of keeping track of things I’m working on

  135. I’d really like to see the app add the feature of the two finger pinch/enlarge. Would make seeing some things much easier!


  136. Hi again.

    Just to clarify, I was referring to while in editing mode.

    It works fine when not editing.

    This could be hard to code for I understand. Maybe impossible? In the meantime I do appreciate the settings feature of different size fonts. I wouldn’t say no to an extra large size if that is the only viable option :)

  137. Yes… This app needs some way to save passwords. Very much needed indeed. Otherwise, this is a good app that performs well.

  138. Hi Don. Great to see some wiki editing software for IOS. I’ve been searching for an iphone app that can view and edit wikipedia. Yours is the closest I’ve found. So I’ll add my vote to making this a universal app. There may even be a commercial opportunity for you to release the first ever wikipedia app for iphone with editing capabilities. I’d buy it for sure.

  139. Hi Don, great software. Any chances of adding support for semantic forms? The upload function doesn’t work. But otherwise love this app. Plan on recommending it on Check us out we’re one the largest wikis in existence. We have uploaded the entire yellow pages creating 10 Million plus pages to come edit.

  140. Hi Chris, sorry for the late reply. I’ve taken a look at what needs to be done to support Semantic Forms and think I have a way of handling them in Wiki Edit. I’ve been working on Wiki Edit “2.0″ which uses an entirely new engine to interact with wikis. I should be able to support most of the Semantic features as well as some of the other more sophisticated Mediawiki extensions. I’ll keep you posted.

    All the best,

    - Don

  141. I have just set up a private web server at home running Mediawiki, which I believe is not part of the Internet or Web. It is physically attached to our wifi broadband router, and the computers that wirelessly attach to the router can go through to the Web.

    Wiki Edit still works with my private Mediawiki server, and I am wondering whether the data that I put on the private wiki is somehow passed to Wiki Edit.

    The reason I ask is that I am worried about the confidentiality of my data. The reason I have any suspicion is that Wiki Edit still takes two passes to present the updated Mediawiki page, even on my private wiki. It is as if the data is being taken somewhere outside my home for processing.

  142. Hi Gavin, Wiki Edit runs entirely inside of your iPad. I have a lot of corporate users that use the App on internal company Wiki’s and one of them even used “Wire Shark” to verify that.

    You don’t need to take my word for it, (or setup Wire Shark) if you don’t want to. A simple check is to unplug the your internet provider’s cable from your wireless router. Verify that you have no internet connection and then edit some pages with Wiki Edit. As long as Wiki Edit can make a connection to your private Wiki, it can edit. No need for outside connections.

    I think what you’re seeing as “two passes” to present the updated Wiki page is an artifact of how I present the editor page. The editor slides up over the page you’re editing. When you’re done, it slides off screen revealing the (as of yet unrefreshed) page while loading the new page.

    The only time Wiki Edit uses the Internet is to display the Welcome/Help, About, and Feature Requests pages from this site. Other than that, everything happens entirely between Wiki Edit and the site it’s working with.

    All the best,

    - Don

  143. Hola, hi!!
    We need iPhone / iPod Touch Support (Universal App), thanks

  144. David,

    I’ve been working on a new Wiki Edit app that takes advantage of iOS 6+ features. It will be a Universal app and will have support for localization.

    Thanks for the feedback!

    - Don

  145. It would be great to have a program like this on the Mac App Store as well!
    A native OS X (not only iOS) App for editing Mediawikis.

  146. Christian, I’ve been considering that. I’d want to have additional functionality on the Desktop App. I’ll revisit the idea once Wiki Edit 2.x is out. All the best, – Don

  147. I haven’t read all the comments but I’d really like to see a universal app. I mainly keep my iPad at home where I could use a computer to edit my wiki, but when I’m out I have my iPhone.

    I’d also second the suggestion of a Mac App Store app.

  148. Thanks for the input. The Universal app is in the works, and given people’s feedback, I’ll give some serious thought to a desktop app as well.

    – Don

  149. I tend to use templates quite a lot, to enable the same paragraphs to be used on more than one wiki page.

    In Safari, Internet Explorer etc, when I edit a page containing templates, the browser presents a list of all these templates, with an option to edit them immediately, at the bottom of the edit page. I don’t seem to get that in Wiki Edit, so it becomes much more laborious to key in the name of a template to locate it then edit it.

  150. Hi Gavin,

    Thanks for writing in again. I’ve been fiddling around with templates in Wiki Edit 2.x (the next big update). It’s definitely a weak point in the app right now. I’m deep into the update for iOS 7, and once that’s done I’ll be working on new features again, like a quick way to access templates used by a page. Please keep the comments and feedback coming.

    - Don

  151. Pile-on for a desktop version! Please oh please! :) I have built several corporate mediawiki sites and actually found this app searching for a desktop solution.

    Congratulations on the obvious success of your app!

  152. I bought this to be able to edit wiki pages on my iPad and it does not work!

    The site I am editing is a private educational and social site and you cannot look at it however my own is visit able but not editable in the public domain.

    It already has edit tools built in when you open it for editing. I just need a browser that supports rich web editing on my iPad like Safari on my macs.

  153. Hi Ian,

    Wiki Edit is an app for MediaWiki and Wikia sites. MediaWiki is the leading wiki software used by Wikipedia and many other wikis. It is open source and usable by all.

    PBWorks is a private company that makes “peanut butter wiki”, a proprietary commercial software package.

    Although I never claimed to support PBWorks in the description in the App Store, I don’t want you to be upset. I have a great deal of respect for teachers, educators and people using technology in the classroom.

    You can either return the item via iTunes, or I would be very happy to send you a check for $4 by mail if you would prefer. You could send me your postal address via email (don [at] along with your iTunes receipt.

    I try to be very upfront that the software is for MediaWiki and Wikia. I’m really sorry about the confusion.

    Best wishes to you and your students,

    - Don

  154. Hi again! I’ve run across a bug you may want to squish, though now I know it’s there, it’s easy to work around. (BTW, I’m still using iOS 5.1 on my trusty 1st-gen iPad.) Here’s what happens: when I’m in editing mode, and decide to exit without saving, I click on the cancel button and get the alert asking if I really want to discard my changes. I click on “Discard,” the alert box goes away, but I am still in edit mode. When I go through the routine again (click cancel, click “discard” on the alert), then I finally exit edit mode.

    Thanks so much for your super app!

  155. Hi Cindy,

    Thanks for reporting the issue and for detailing the steps you took to make it happen. I have an iPad (1st gen) with iOS 5.1.1 that I use for testing. I tried editing a page in Wikipedia then tapping the “Cancel” and “Discard” buttons. I didn’t get the second alert you described, the editor just slides down revealing the original page. I also tried tried the same steps with a generic MediaWiki (version 1.17) and didn’t see the double discard alert there either. I wonder if it’s specific to a particular wiki? Does Wiki Edit prompt you twice when canceling an edit on Wikipedia? If it does, are you using the latest version of Wiki Edit? It’s a bit of a puzzle.

    In any event, I’ll do a line-by-line review of the code for that alert box for the next update. Perhaps I’ll find the cause there.

    If you have any other issues or suggestions, please let me know. And thanks again for taking the time to report this.

    - Don

  156. Punctuation Bar suddenly very slow to respond.

    Is it my iPad, or have the punctuation symbols on the upper bar above the Wiki Edit keyboard suddenly become very slow to their being depressed — e.g. The * symbol.



  157. Dear Don,

    i’m planing on getting a used ipad first generation, will the app run on the iOS used on the first generation and will it stay or are you planning to drop support for it? I’m going to get the pad only for editing my wiki from the pad, so it would be good if it will work. Thanks


  158. Hi Gavin,

    Thanks for letting me know about this.

    I’ve checked it out on a few different iPads – an iPad “1″ running iOS 5, and iPad 2 running iOS 6 and on an iPad Air with 7.1. The symbols on the accessory keyboard bar (above the regular keyboard) seem to take the same amount of time as a regular keystroke.

    Are you using a current version of Wiki Edit? Is it only slow on really large pages? Or slow everywhere? I’ll keep poking around to see if I can recreate the issue. If you have any other information or ideas let me know.

    - Don

  159. Hi Max,

    I have a first generation iPad on my desk right now that I use mostly for note taking and testing. It’s running iOS 5.1.1, the last iOS Apple made for that model of iPad. The latest Wiki Edit 1.9x works fine on the original iPad. All of the features are supported including things like spell-check and uploads.

    It’s possible that some future iOS update will make it hard to maintain backwards compatibility with the original iPad — you shouldn’t have to worry though. Apple now lets you download the latest version of an App that supports your device. So at minimum you’ll always have access to the 1.9x version line.

    All the best,
    - Don

  160. Is this app still under active development? When will the iPhone feature be published?

  161. Hi Tobias,

    There are a bunch of new features in development for iOS 8 including better integration with other apps. I’m still working out the best way to do editing from a tiny phone screen — so a “universal” iPhone / iPad update won’t happen until at least after iOS 8 comes out. There is a lot of talk about larger iPhones, so perhaps it will make sense soon to support editing from the phone.

    All the best,

    - Don

  162. Quoting Tobias: is this app under active development?
    I’m not really interested in an iPhone / universal app, as I think that even on 5″ display it would be a headache to edit for a long time.
    And: What about considering an offline way of dumping-editing-syncing (I mean: when you’re out of a WiFi range and/or can’t use 3g/LTE connection)?
    This one would really be a killer feature!

    PS @admin: sorry for double post, but I wrongly pushed the “Submit” button before ending editing…

  163. Hello Hileotech,

    I’m sorry about the long delay for the new version. iOS 8 has been out for a while, and I have a total re-write of the app running on it with most features working. The UI may change a bit based on feedback from testers, but in the upcoming version 2.0, you can “star” a page you’re editing. Any pages that you “star” are available to edit on-line or off. When you get back on line, it will save the pages you had edited. If any of them were changed while you were offline, you are shown the “collision resolution page” and given a chance to manually merge in your changes, discard your changes, or replace the page with your version.

    A list of all “stared” pages appears under the bookmarks menu right now, but I may make it a separate list as some people found that confusing.

    That sounds pretty close to the dump/edit/sync approach you described. I hope my description makes sense.

    I’m still working out some bugs with older versions of MediaWiki, and with sites.

    I ended up not getting an iPhone 6 Plus so I haven’t done much on the iPhone “Universal” App UI. It’s iPad only right now and will probably stay that way for this next update.

    Thanks for your interest in the App. It helps encourage me to get this update out.

    All the best,

    - Don

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