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Issue with version 1.8

by Don Kosak - July 5th, 2012.
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I have had some reports of Wiki Edit crashing when you tap on an edit link inside a Mediawiki site.  I’m working to find people who have this problem to recreate it and work on a solution.  If you have an issue, please contact me here or on twitter @wikiedit.

[UPDATE 7/11]

Thanks for everyone’s patience and understanding.  I believe we found the cause, and I’m working on a fix the the issue.

Basically, when I added Spell Checking as an option to the editor screen, I failed to realize it was a iOS version 5.0 feature, and didn’t add checks to disable it for older versions of iOS.

If you’re using iOS 4.x and Wiki Edit is crashing when you try to edit a page — you can either:

  • Upgrade to the latest version of iOS (5.1.1 currently).  This will immediately correct the issue you’re having with Wiki Edit.
  • Wait for Wiki Edit 1.8.1 – it should be available within a few days once Apple has approved it.

Again, I’m very sorry some of you had issues with the App and for not catching this sooner.

- Don

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