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Wiki Edit 1.5 in Testing

by Don Kosak - May 14th, 2011.
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This release increases stability, improves iOS 4.x support, and enhances the editor. The release includes:

  • New: Slide-out MediaWiki Markup Keyboard Accessory
  • New: Slide-out MediaWiki Markup Help Bar
  • New: Enhancements for multitasking iOS 4.x
  • Bug Fix: Buttons in articles and forms can now invoke markup editor
  • Bug Fix: URL’s in non-roman characters no longer get “%xx” encoded
  • Bug Fix: Remembers history and bookmarks if “task killed”
  • Bug Fix: Removed extra HTTP HEAD request on self-signed SSL sites
  • Bug Fix: All outstanding issues on private MediaWiki sites resolved
  • Bug Fix: All outstanding issues on Public Wikia sites resolved
  • Preparing for Universal App: New Authentication dialogs, new Web Engine
  • Tested on both original iPad and iPad 2

I had several requests for a keyboard enhancement that would place MediaWiki markup symbols in easy reach. At the same time, I wanted people to have the largest editing area possible. The new markup keyboard accessory achieves both. It’s a strip of markup symbols at the top of the keyboard that you can slide out or hide with a tap.

Also, for people not familiar with MediaWiki markup, I’ve included a sliding help panel that appears on the right side of the editing screen. You can scroll it up and down to review common usage of markup.

The new version of Wiki Edit manages memory better when being swapped into the background. If you kill Wiki Edit from the task bar, it will now store its position prior to exiting.

The release also includes numerous bug fixes, better support for international character sets, better support for private wiki’s, and resolves all open issues I’ve received on public Wikia, and public/private MediaWiki sites.

I expect Apple to approve version 1.5 for release to the App Store within the next few days. For breaking news follow Wiki Edit on Twitter at @WikiEdit

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