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Wiki Edit 1.6 in Testing

by Don Kosak - May 19th, 2011.
Filed under: News.

The next version of Wiki Edit is in testing.

This release is focused on expanding the number of MediaWiki configurations supported.

New for Version 1.6:
* Added: Support for MediaWiki versions 1.17 and 1.18 Alpha
* Added: Support for latest Wikimedia Foundation usability initiative skins and extensions
* Added: Support for MediaWikis configured with “mod_rewrite” and $wgActionPaths
* Added: Support for several “iFrame” based editor extensions (iFrame rich text controls are not supported by the iPad, Wiki Edit converts them to standard text boxes)
* Bug Fix: Issues with and resolved
* Bug Fix: Site addresses were not being updated until after the page had fully loaded.
* Bug Fix: Site titles would not get updated in certain cases

As always, if you find a MediaWiki site you can’t edit using Wiki Edit, please let me know.

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