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More Wiki’s to Explore

by Don Kosak - September 1st, 2010.
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I wanted new users of Wiki Edit to have some popular Wiki’s already added to their bookmark list from the moment they downloaded the app.

There are hundreds of thousands of Wiki’s, so picking a handful was difficult.  Fortunately, you can add new wiki’s to Wiki Edit by simply browsing a Wiki you like, and pressing the “+” button.

Wiki Edit will create a bookmark with the Wiki Name, article name (or your own description), and the URL.

Here are other Wiki’s you might want to visit and add to your list:

Geeky Entertainment:

WoWWiki – World of Warcraft Wiki

FFXIclopedia – Final Fantasy XI Wiki

StarCraft – StarCraft I and II Wiki

Wookieepedia – the StarWars Wiki

Memory Alpha – the Star Trek Wiki

Marvel Database – The Marvel Comics Wiki

Animepedia – The Manga and Anime Wiki

Lifestyle Wiki’s:

WikiTravel – Travel Wiki

wikiHow – a How-To Wiki

LyricWiki – a Wiki of Song Lyrics

Recipes Wiki – Great recipes

Fitness Wiki – Get back in shape after Recipes Wiki…

Business and Research Wiki’s:

Wikipedia – The famous Free Encyclopedia

WikiBooks – Textbooks and Manuals

Wiki Doc – Medical Information Wiki

Ling Wiki - The Linguistics Wiki

Game Programming – Wiki for Indy Game Developers

Do you have any favorite Wiki’s you’d like to share with other Wiki Edit users?  Post them below.  I’ll use them to pre-load the Wiki Edit Bookmark list for the next release.

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