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Thank You!

by Don Kosak - September 1st, 2010.
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First off, I want to thank you for buying Wiki Edit. It’s really important to me that you’re enjoying the product.

Now that version 1.0 is out, I wanted to provide this forum for people to ask questions, or post problems that they’re having with the app.

There are hundreds of thousands of Mediawiki’s out there, each with different configurations and settings. I’ve tested Wiki Edit on all of the major releases from 2006 forward. (That’s version 1.7 all the way up to 1.16)

If you have a Mediawiki that doesn’t work with Wiki Edit, let me know here, or through E-Mail, and I’ll make it work.

All the Best,

- Don

6 Responses to Thank You!

  1. First,


    plz build some buttons for the most syntax things into your edit frame.
    (like “=”,”*”,”[“,…).
    To write something in a wiki with the virtual tastatur sucks a little bit if u want to format it directly.

  2. Thanks for choosing my app. I’ll make a wiki markup panel that you can open and close in the edit screen. I’m working on the next release now.

    Best regards,

    - Don

  3. Just wondered: can you be offline (like on a plane) and create a page and then sync it up to the wiki when you are back online i.e. can I edit/sync all my pages offline? (assuming I am the only editor – I am trying to avoid 3rd parties storing all my documents and idea).

    Also, can you upload an attachment i.e. if I wanted a word doc to be downloadable from the wiki page.

    Thank you for all your efforts!


  4. Hi Joe.

    Right now, Wiki Edit is for online editing only. Several people have asked for off-line editing. I’ve been looking at adding a “save as local draft” feature, which would let you keep 1 or more articles (in Wiki Markup form) in a folder to edit later on, or off line. Wiki Edit already deals with edit collisions, even if you power down in the middle of an edit and resume a day later. I haven’t considered downloading an entire Wiki to work with off line. I’d need to think about that one.

    Wiki Edit 1.2 doesn’t currently support uploading of files to a Wiki. The iPad’s lack of a general filesystem makes that a little difficult. I have been working on uploading photos from your photo library. I may extend that to uploading files from “cloud” sites like iDisk, and DropBox. These features will be a free upgrade for folks that bought Wiki Edit.

    Thank you for your suggestions. I’m working to make Wiki Edit better all the time.

    Best regards,

    - Don

  5. I just purchased Wiki Edit for the ipad. I’m really excited, but there’s one major problem: the wiki editor seems to get stuck loading my wiki. It will load the first page, but when I click on links it says “loading” forever and no page appears. Forever means multiple minutes, until the ipad goes to sleep. This is not a web problem — loading the wiki in safari works fine, and the pages aren’t large.
    My wiki is nothing special, and another wiki I have set up in the same way works fine. The wiki with problems does have a password to access the url. Could this be contributing to the problem? Any other advice? I bought this program to edit this particular wiki, so if it doesn’t work it’s a pretty big disappointment.

    Thanks in advance.

  6. Rebecca,

    Sorry to hear you’re having problems. WikiEdit should handle the two most common forms of authentication without any problem (digest and basic authentication).

    I’m going to send you an e-mail and ask you some questions about your wiki setup. Hopefully we’ll be able to get it working for you.

    Best regards,

    - Don

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